[Sega Dreamcast] F355 Challenge

F355 Challenge
Full nameF355 Challenge
File size300.5MB
Genre Racing , Simulation
Region Japan Japan
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Today, there are many interesting simulation games bases on the Driving theme. In which, players have the opportunity to enjoy many fascinating challenges, which allows to own many beautiful cars and experience beautiful tracks. F355 Challenge is such a great game that many people are interested in. It possesses diverse features and brings a lot of fun gaming experiences to players. This game was developed by Sega AM2 and was available by Sega for Arcade Game platform in July 1999. Besides, it was modified to be able to play on Sega Dreamcast by CRI Middleware and Acclaim Entertainment released it to the market on August 3, 2000. Please join us to check the version on the Sega Dreamcast platform right now!

The game content

Like other driving games, F355 Challenge has diverse tracks for gamers to conquer. In the game, there are 11 race tracks. In which, there are six types of race tracks available (taken from the Arcade Game platform), including: Monza (1998 configuration), Long Beach, Suzuka (Short Configuration), Suzuka (Full Configuration), Motegi (Oval Circuit) and Sportsland Sugo. The remaining five others will be unlocked in each of the different stages, including: Fiorano Circuit, Nürburgring, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Sepang International Circuit and Laguna Seca Raceway. To unlock them, players will have to complete a certain number of goals that the game sets (first in some races, winning a championship…).

The game mode

Regarding the game mode, the game maker has built many attractive offline game modes and an online game mode (Network Race). With offline gameplay, Arcade Mode is the simplest challenge. It will provide random matches. In which, the players can freely test driving techniques to win. In the Championship, players will enjoy many complex races and require good concentration. Unlike Arcade Mode, the races will take place in a fixed order. Also, players have to complete the races with good results. In case they do not pass races with a high ranking position, they will be eliminated from the tournament. Before the race in the tournament challenge, the game will provide you with two attractive features, including Test run – allowing familiarity with the race before the race, and Car Setting – providing the ability to customize for Race cars to match the race.

The visual

F355 Challenge brings the lively sound and good visual system. The first view angle from the driver’s position will give people the realistic gaming experience. Besides, the image details are relatively easy to see.

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