[Sega Dreamcast] Fatal Fury Mark Of The Wolves

Fatal Fury Mark Of The Wolves
Full nameFatal Fury Mark Of The Wolves
File size447.6MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves is the ninth edition – the final version of the fighting game series, Fatal Fury. This game was built and released by SNK. It was available for the Arcade Game platform on November 26, 1999, and Neo Geo on February 25, 2000. Subsequently, in 2001, an upgraded version of the image quality was provided to Sega Dreamcast on September 21. Not stopping at three classical platforms, this game was also available on many other powerful platforms like PlayStation 2 (2005), Microsoft Windows (2016), Xbox One (2018), …

About the content of Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves, its events take place after the death of Lord Geese Howard. At that time, Southtown had peace after many turmoil years, and it was also known under a new name, Second Southtown. Besides, a new tournament was held, King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem. In this tournament, many warriors from previous had returned to compete in a fairer and exciting fight.

In this final version, the producer has prepared 12 characters to enjoy. Besides, the game also brings two special bosses to fight, each will appear at different battle stages. Firstly, the 12 available characters are Rock Howard, Kim Dong-Hwan, Hokutomaru, Kevin Rian, Freeman, Terry Bogard, Hotaru Futaba, Khushnood Butt, Gato, Kim Jae-Hoon, Tizoc and Bonne Jenet. Next, the two tycoons are Grant and Kain R. Heinlein.

In addition, Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves offers four game modes. Story Mode is a battle mode according to the prepared system. Players will choose one of the 12 characters to participate in the battle with eight different opponents. Moreover, the final battle will bring a fight to the boss. In which, the player has defeated the opponent to win the AAA rank at the end of each match to face Kain R. Heinlein. When there are no AAA  matches, the player will battle Grant. The next mode is Survival Mode, which requires the player to fight against many different competitors. Instead of many matches like Story Mode, players will only participate in one match, and the opponent will appear continuously. Practice Mode is about practicing character control skills and activating special skills. Completing the CPU matches, players can participate in VS Mode to enjoy the competition between many players.

In the visual system, Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves still uses traditional 2D graphics of the fighting. The images system is still an animated style, and image details are smooth.

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