[Sega Dreamcast] Fighting Force 2

Fighting Force 2
Full nameFighting Force 2
File size320.7MB
Genre Action , Beat Em Up
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Fighting Force 2 is a third-person fighting and adventure game. It is a sequel to Fighting Force (1997). This second version was released by Core Design for Eidos Interactive. This game is available on two platforms, including PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast. For North America, the game was available on November 30, 1999. As for the European market, it was in 2000. Compared to its previous, Fighting Force 2 has more complex and interesting battle missions. Besides, the movement of the characters is also more vivid. With 3D graphics, the visual details are smooth and sharp.

In Fighting Force 2, the context takes place in a futuristic future, where humanity has successfully developed asexual reproduction technology. Due to the outstanding features, it had been banned by many countries around the world and bound by legal procedures. However, the Knackmiche Group is believed to be using the technology to serve malicious purposes. Thus, a mercenary, Hawk Manson (the main character) has to investigate and collect credentials for illegal acts (using illegal cloning technology) of this group. With combat elements, players will control the main character to pass many different levels. Each will take place in a separate area, and there are some goals that players have to complete. When exploring each level, players will have to move continuously to fight with enemies around or destroy items to collect support items. Like its previous, this game offers fighting fights with enemies or players can collect some support tools to use (pistols, knives, hammers, axes…).

Besides the challenge of fighting, the character of the game has a vitality bar in the left corner of the screen. It will be reduced after enemy attacks. Therefore, players have to search for first aid boxes to recover the health. Similar to the support tools, the first aid kit is also hidden in different objects. Gamers have to destroy them to collect.

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