[Sega Dreamcast] Floigan Bros. Episode 1

Floigan Bros. Episode 1
Full nameFloigan Bros. Episode 1
File size423.0MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Floigan Bros. is a light adventure game which was developed by Visual Concepts for Sega Dreamcast. It was available for North America on July 30, 2001 and other regions around the world on November 23, 2001.

The content

The game tells about two characters, including Hoigle Floigan and Moigle Floigan. They are brothers who are living near a landfill. In which, Moigle is the big brother, who is not really smart. Instead, Hoigle is younger and smarter. On a special occasion, Moigle wanted to surprise Hoigle by giving him a machine. However, the parts that make up the machine are hidden in different areas of the landfill. Therefore, Hoigle and Moigle had to collect the missing parts to assemble into a complete machine. With the task of collecting the missing parts or equipment, Floigan Brother also faced Baron Malodorous, who wanted to own the Floigan Brother’s landfill for personal purposes. He sent cats to the landfill to abandon Hoigle and Moigle out of the landfill. To protect the home and family member, Floigan Brother fought with Baron’s cats. After defeating these evil cat, Moigle and Hoigle can collect missing part of the machine.

How to play

In Floigan Bros., players can control Hoigle Floigan to participate in the challenges. Your battlefield is the landfill. Also, you can collect required items there. Meanwhile, players can move through areas, such as swamps, yards or caves. Besides, each will offer different quizzes or small matches against the specified opponents. Completing a puzzle or defeating an opponent will help players receive a reward. In addition to controlling Hoigle, Floigan Bros. also possesses a unique feature that communicates with Moigle Floigan. Players will not control Moigle in the quest. Instead, he will interact with Moigle to get his help. Besides, the game has also many different mini games for players to collect bonus points. With the accumulated points, players will use it to upgrade skills for Moigle, which will help him stronger, and the tasks that have support from Moigle can be quickly completed.

The visual

About the visual system, Floigan Bros. has 3D graphics and the classic animation style of Warner Bros. It brings gamers interesting experience.

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