[Sega Dreamcast] Fur Fighters

Fur Fighters
Full nameFur Fighters
File size822.5MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Fur Fighters is a great fighting game form Acclaim Entertainment. It was released on Sega Dreamcast and Microsoft Windows in 2000. Besides, the game was developed by Bizarre Creations, providing shooting challenges with third-person perspective and adventurous journey.

The game content

In the context, the game takes place in a fantasy world where animals have a similar life to humans. Besides, a man General Viggo wanted them to live and work according to his regulations. However, a group, the Fur Fighters, stood up to regain a peaceful life. To avenge this opposition and sabotage, Viggo proceeded to kidnap family members of the Fur Fighters and turn them into robots. As a result, Fur Fighters have to conduct a rescue plan.

How to play

Coming to the adventure challenge, players will not control a fixed character of Fur Fighters. Instead, they will control a group and use each member in different stages. In addition, each has special abilities to use and complete challenges quickly. For example, Tweek (a dragon) is capable of gliding a short distance. Rico (is a penguin) is able to swim and dive underwater. Or Bungalow (a kangaroo) possesses the ability to jump into the air higher than other members. To switch between members, take advantage of special abilities and complete challenges, the game will provide energy orbs, and the player has to go on the orbs with image of the character they want to use to perform the swap. In which, the system of items and support tools will be used between characters.

To rescue the people from Viggo’s capture, players have to explore diffirent areas within a level. Therefore, it requires players to have good memory ability to avoid getting lost while moving around many different areas. Besides, each also brings traps, obstacles and soldiers of Viggo. Gamers have to pay attention to.

The visual

Besides, Fur Fighters has a stable image system, the 3D environment helps players to freely explore the surrounding context. The details and characters are in a lovely style, suitable for many ages.

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