[Sega Dreamcast] Gauntlet Legends

Gauntlet Legends
Full nameGauntlet Legends
File size475.6MB
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Gauntlet Legends is an attractive RPG game with hack and slash style which was available by Atari Games in 1998.


About the context, Gauntlet Legends tells about 13 Run Stones in the legend. A magician Garm collected 13 stones to summon Skorne – a ferocious demon from hell. Garm wanted to control it to carry out his plan. However, he could not control Skorne, and it killed him after completing the summoning ritual. Runicles was another talented magician who stole 13 power stones and dispersed them around the world to prevent the Skorne’s appearance. However, this monster still existed in the vast world of the game. You had to collect 13 stones and chose to destroy Skorne or brought it back to hell.


The world in the game is very large, and it divides into many kingdoms. The players will have to collect Run Stones in 4 kingdoms to find Skorne’s hideout. Initially, you will appear in a kingdom that is far from Skorne’s location, you have to cross each to collect the stones. The enemies will appear continuously in the way, they are evil races like the Orc and Undead. Players will have to destroy all the roadblocks and find the keys to open the door to another area. After collecting 13 Run Stones, you will face Skorne in the kingdom which is at the end of the map and destroy it.

In the game, players will have to choose their characters in 4 classes like mages, archers, Valkyries, and warriors. Each will have unique weapons and abilities to explore. Magicians can attack long distances and restore HP with magic. Warriors have melee combat ability, and they easily sweep the enemy. Weapons archers are big bows, and they can destroy enemies from a distance. Finally, the Valkyrie, they are the favorite warriors because of their good endurance against many enemies. When the character’s level increases, 4 attributes will enhance. The players have to pay attention to them as armor, power, magic, and speed. You can use Skill Point in many ways to create many fighting styles for your character.


The game’s 2D graphics receive highly review in 1998 for its detailed environment and skill effects. You can involve in the most intense battles with dozens of skills, and enemies are destroyed continuously.

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