[Sega Dreamcast] GigaWing 2

GigaWing 2
Full nameGigaWing 2
File size320.2MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

After the great success of GigaWing in 1999, Takumi continued developing GigaWing 2. It was released by Capcom in 2000. This version has many new features and impressive graphics upgrades, promising to bring players perfect gaming experiences.

The story

In this game, players will not participate in epic battles with other civilizations in the universe. Instead, they will fight against their fellow humans from around the world. The Serbvian Republic was a small country in the center of two continents, Asia and Europe. It was always peaceful, and people did not participate in wars between alliances around the globe. One day, a coup took place in the Serbvian and destroyed the country’s peace for centuries. Allied nations had sent troops to support government troops and dealed with rebels. However, the Serbvian government refused this help, and they contacted GigaWing – a famous mercenary organization. To end the war and maintain the peace of the Serbvian, players will have to confront many other countries which want to invade this country.

How to play

In this version, the game provides more characters with completely new abilities. Players can only choose one of the five characters to participate in the battle. Like the previous version, each battle will be equivalent to a level, and players have to win all enemies to complete. There is not much new when enemies are constantly appearing on the screen with many bullets fired. However, the enemy will be much stronger on the following levels. They can destroy a part of themselves to continue to survive and attack. Therefore, they will have to use more special skills when facing ordinary enemies. For the Boss, they will own a larger shape and be assembled by many different parts. Players have to destroy each part of the Boss to defeat them. Two familiar skills are Force Bomb and Reflect Force which have been upgraded a lot compared to the previous version. Their time will become shorter and require players with higher skills to pass the level. The recover time of the skill will reduce to help players not feel too much pressure when facing too many enemies at once.

The visual

The graphics of this version have been upgraded a lot. In which, the colors are more harmonious. Players will no longer get tired of playing for a long time with sharp graphics and smooth movements.

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