[Sega Dreamcast] GigaWing

Full nameGigaWing
File size332.5MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Giga Wing is a game that marks the return of the scrolling shooting style in 1999. It was developed by Takumi Corporation with beautifully and colorful graphics design.

The story

In the ancient age of the universe, civilizations gradually appeared and disappeared in the time. They received a horrific end. No one knew the cause of their destruction. During the development of the humanity, people found an ancient stone, the Medallion. Scientists affirmed that this stone provided the beginning. Also, it led to the end of human civilization. Many people in the universe were also searching for Medallion. They crossed many galaxies until they reached the solar system. To fight over the Medallion, a massive battle happened, and people had to protect this stone to maintain their growth. To combat the forces outside of the earth, a squadron was formed with 4 members, including Stuck, Isha, Sinnosuke and Ruby.

How to play

In the game, players will choose one of their favorite 4 characters to participate. Each will control a spaceship with special abilities. Players have to pass many levels from easy to difficult and face many Bosses to end this battle. Enemies will appear continuously on the screen, the players use the spaceship’s gun to destroy. When defeating an enemy, badges will appear, and you have to collect them to get more bonus points. Occasionally, you will receive support items such as Power+ or Life+. Collecting them will help your ship become stronger and survive longer in battle. Besides collecting items and upgrading the power of the spaceship, there are two skills to use, Force Bomb and Reflect Force. Force Bomb can help the spaceship become unstoppable in a short time, and you do not have to avoid bullets from the enemy while using this skill. Reflect Force is a better skill when creating a shield to counter all bullets from enemies. During using the Reflect Force, the spaceship will release a huge energy source like a storm, and it will destroy all enemies appearing on the screen. You have to use this skill when you confront with Boss to destroy them easier.

The graphics

Gigawing has 2D graphics technology with more clear detail. Besides, the colors of the skills are lively, making players more excited. However, the combination of too many colors will make players feel uncomfortable to experience for a long time.

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