[Sega Dreamcast] Grandia II

Grandia II
Full nameGrandia II
File size779.7MB
Genre Role Playing
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Following the success of the first version (released in 1997), the developer Game Arts continued to make and launch the following versions – Grandia II. After that – by 2000, this game was released on the Dreamcast platform. In which, Game Arts publish it in the Japanese market on August 3, 2000. In North America, Ubi Soft provided on December 6. For the European region, it was not until February 23, 2001.

Besides Dreamcast, players can also experience on two platforms, consisting of Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2. However, the PS 2 and Windows platforms did not receive good reviews like Dreamcast. Also, the Dreamcast’s 3D graphics quality has received positive views, but it still encountered visual problems as the following two platforms.

Similar to many other role-playing games, the content of Grandia II takes place with the battle between good and evil. According to stories in many thousands of years ago, the two gods representing good and evil, Granas and Valmar, fought each other in a fierce battle. Granas won, and Valmar was defeated. Then, various pieces of this god’s body were sealed in secret areas. Besides, the war caused the Silesia continent to split in two parts. After thousands of years, the god’s body pieces were being collected by a mysterious organization for reviving this god. A mercenary Ryudo was dragged into Valmar’s revival process because he had to protect Valmar’s body and power guards. Ryudo had to participate in searching for this god’s sealed body parts to destroy them and not let them fall into the wrong hands.

In addition, players will control Ryudo and build an expedition team. With controlling, the players will participate in the battle in the form of turn. However, the combat system is relatively interesting. Instead of standing in one place to fight, the character can move freely to attack the opponent and retreat to a safe position.

Like many other role-playing challenges, players will have to overcome many different areas according to the game’s mission system (fighting in 1000 battles and contacting 600 different characters). Each provides goals to accomplish and receive rewards for completing the task. Besides, players can learn new skills with Magic Coins and Skill Coins.

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