[Sega Dreamcast] Guilty Gear X By Your Side

Guilty Gear X By Your Side
Full nameGuilty Gear X By Your Side
File size950.6MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region Japan Japan
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Guilty Gear has received huge attentions and good reviews from many players. It has been appreciated by image quality and compelling gameplay. Therefore, Arc System Works decided to build and develop the second version named Guilty Gear X By Your Side. The new one was released by Sammy Studios for the Arcade – Sega NAOMI platform worldwide in July 2000; on Sega Dreamcast in Japan on December 14, 2000. In 2001 and 2002, the game was provided for PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Advance.

The story

About the plot, Guilty Gear X By Your Side continues the events from the previous version. In which, there was a report announcing that a new Gear had appeared and would cause a great war to own it. Therefore, the Holy Knight Tournament was held for the second time, and many strong warriors participated.

The characters collection

Besides the new battle, this version also upgraded on the character system, it brings 16 characters to explore (three more than the old version). There are 14 characters available for use and two have to be unlocked. Like many fighting games, each character has a unique and special attack system.

How to play

With topic about fighting against, players will participate in battles with limited time and deal a lot of damage to the enemy to win. In which, the players will have to fight the enemy through many different rounds. Besides, the game also has a separate folder to customize the matches. There are three options, playing with one round, three rounds or five rounds. By choosing the number of rapes to experience, you can choose from four different fighting levels. In which, the Easy and Normal mode are suitable for beginners. Hard and Very Hard are for those who are familiar with quick control and good use of each character’s fighting skills.

In the Dreamcast version, the game has four main modes. Arcade Mode, which provides matches with the CPU, who randomly selects a character to fight. In the Survival Mode, gamers have to use a character and fight through many stages separately. Besides, in Training Mode, the game allows you to test or discover the fighting skills of a character. Finally, in Versus Mode, it is the battle between two players.

The visual

About the graphics, Guilty Gear X By Your Side has 2D graphics design and owns more arenas than its predecessor. In which, the effect and combat skills of each character are very beautiful. They bring gamers more exciting experience.

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