[Sega Dreamcast] Gundam Side Story Rise From The Ashes

Gundam Side Story Rise From The Ashes
Full nameGundam Side Story Rise From The Ashes
File size542.4MB
Genre Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Gundam Side Story: Rise from the Ashes is a fighting game which bases on the events of the Mobile Suit Gundam series. This game was released by Bandai for the Sega Dreamcast platform. The game was first published in Japan, on August 26, 1999; in North America, on April 28, 2000. However, it was not available for the European market.

The game content

Like the Mobile Suit Gundam series, the game will bring fierce battles between the Gundam. Each has own weapons, and players can upgrade it through different stages. In Gundam Side Story: Rise from the Ashes, battles and missions take place in Australia. Here, the players had to stop the Earth improvement plan of the Principality of Zeon. With the use of Astaroth (biological weapons), Zeon would turn the world into a forest by stimulating the growth of different plants. However, they would be mutated and not bring life to humanity. It means that the Earth was no longer suitable for mankind.

In the game, the players will have to pass nine different stages with the first view angle (from the position of the cockpit). Besides, the game offers two different types of Gundam for gamers to control: the first one is RGM-79 GM, which was developed based on RX-78-2 Gundam. The second one is RGC-80 GM Cannon. This is a stronger armed variant of the RGM-79 GM, which is equipped a cannon with a caliber of 240mm. In addition, the manufacturer also prepared another suit to use, RX-77D Guncannon Mass Production Type. However, players can only collect the third type of Gundam after completing the game’s mission. Specially, at the final stage, players will receive RGM-79SP GM Sniper II to perform the mission. Moreover, the manufacturer also provides a range of powerful weapons to equip the costumes. There are nine common weapons and two high-class weapons. In which, players can also use shields during the battle to defend against bullets from enemies.

The graphics

Besides, Gundam Side Story: Rise from the Ashes has 3D graphics design by Bandai. In which, the image system is smooth. Providing a first-person perspective helps combat missions more realistic. However, it is also relatively difficult to see, and players also need time to get used to.

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