[Sega Dreamcast] Heavy Metal Geomatrix

Heavy Metal Geomatrix
Full nameHeavy Metal Geomatrix
File size234.3MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Heavy Metal: Geomatrix is ​​a unique action game which was developed by Capcom. The game was officially available on the Dreamcast platform in 2001, and it is on the list of the biggest revenue games in the early 21st century.

The story

Regarding the plot, Heavy Metal: Geomatrix was in the last years of the 21st century. It was when science and technology of all countries developed to the highest level. Gradually, humans had considered robots as an indispensable item for its great benefits. However, they have grown beyond human control. Nanobot was born to break the limits in the world. To fight with this, the warrior group, including Sarge, Kassey, and Stab, traveled from the city to the lands under their control.

The gameplay

Basically, the players will control one of three warriors to fight with many monsters. The game will set the stage with increasing difficulty. In the game, players will join the fight with up to four characters on the ring. You can complete the levels when you defeat an enemy or meet an existing target. In the first level, players will face to the enemy Hound in the desert arena. They move around the ring and collect weapons to attack the enemies. Weapons include: swords, laser guns and missiles. They have to collect them faster than enemies to create an advantage. Each possesses a limited amount of ammunition. When not having ammunition, players will attack the enemy with their hands, feet or jump on top of them. The enemy is defeated when their life force is exhausted. Besides weapons, players will collect physical recovery items to ensure safety. They move to the next level when the enemy is defeated. The next levels take place in many locations around the world. The difficulty of the game is evident when the player reaches the final level. At this time, their enemy was a mighty group of warriors. Proper tactics and good movement skills are important to help players complete the goal. In addition to single player mode, the game supports up to four players in the multiplayer, which brings many new campaigns and the enemy team Nanobot.

The interesting graphics

Regarding graphics, Heavy Metal: Geomatrix uses beautiful 3D graphics. The battles become more vivid with the view from above combined with the smooth movements. Also, the sound increases suspense and drama for players when fighting enemies.

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