[Sega Dreamcast] Hidden Dangerous

Hidden Dangerous
Full nameHidden Dangerous
File size222.3MB
Genre Shooter
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Hidden Dangerous is a dramatic shooter which was available by TalonSoft in 1999. This is the first part in the Hidden Dangerous game series form the designers Michal Bačík and Radek Bouzek for Dreamcast and PlayStation platforms.

The context

Regarding the plot, Hidden Dangerous takes ideas from the world-war II from 1941 to 1945. At this time, the wars took place strongly in many European countries including France, Norway, Yugoslavia and Prague. A group of militants under the SAS organization was established to bring peace and liberate people from danger areas. This campaign contained many dangers and challenges.

The gameplay

Basically, players will control a warrior group of the organization SAS. They have armor and weapons to face to the upcoming battle. Accompanying the player are many warriors, including allied soldiers. You have to lead them to pass 23 missions. Each of them has different dangerous areas, enemies and explosives. From the first perspective, players begin his mission at a base in France. They move near the center of the base to destroy the enemies. When the enemy detects you, they will surround and try to destroy you all. At this point, you have to skillfully use available weapons and move. Players will attack from enemies and defeat the. At the end of the first mission, the player finds the plane to go to the next area. Following the instructions on the radar, they sought an escape from the forest for the following stages. The ever time between day and night is a good time to move safely. Besides the available weapons, they will pick up or steal weapons from enemies. They help players destroy cannons and traps around the area easily. After overcoming many dangers, they meet up with their teammates to perform the last mission. They have to search for 5 hidden bombs in many places and remove them before exploding. Players run into rooms and look for clues. The mission ends when the final goal is completed.

The visual

In terms of graphics, Hidden Dangerous uses beautiful 3D quality to create the gloomy atmosphere of the war. Also, the fights become more vivid through first-person perspective. Players will have many thrilling and engaging experiences in their long journey.

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