[Sega Dreamcast] House Of The Dead 2

House Of The Dead 2
Full nameHouse Of The Dead 2
File size491.4MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

House of the Dead 2 is a great thriller game with a horror element. It has been available on the Dreamcast platform in 1999. This is the second version of the House of the Dead series from Wow Entertainment developer.

The story

About the plot, House of the Dead 2 tells about the journey of James and Gary. During a trip to Venice, Italy for visiting an old friend, they discovered that the city was being attacked by monsters and zombies. Zeal, the giant monster discovered the presence of James and Gary. The battle took place for a short time. After the war, James investigated Caleb Goldman, Dr. Curien’s assistant is the mastermind. James and Gary have made the decision to find the cause of this action and the place to imprison his friends.

The gameplay

Regarding gameplay, the players will accompany James to go through many dangers. He has to defend and attack enemies. The first place was the church in the city center. He witnessed the horrors when a series of people were killed by zombies. With the weapons, James defeated the enemy and took information from the living. Following the instructions, James came into the dark alleys which had the screams of the children. Most of his enemies are zombies with weapons of two bloody axes. James had to move flexibly to ensure a safe distance. If the enemy defeated him, his mission would fail, and he had to start the mission again. At the end of the road, he had to fight big monsters to go to other areas. They are controlled by the demon bat flying above its head. James will run to avoid attacking and defeating the demon bat. After they died, he received clues that led to the hiding place of Goldman, the zombie leader. James had to overcome hitfalls and obstacles to escape from the city. When reaching the location on the map, he met Goldman again. Their conversation takes a short time. Unyielding to Goldman’s suggestion, he decided to fight the zombie leader in the final battle. However, this monster had fast movement speed and flew in the sky. With his experience of fighting and weapons, James will find weakness to defeat it. The war ended when Goldman fled from the great castle. James and Gary run to the end of the castle to rescue their old friends. Besides, they got items that eliminated zombies from the city when they were defeated.

The visual

About graphics, House of the Dead 2 uses beautiful 3D graphics platform. Players will have a thrilling and exciting experience with first-person perspective and goal system in the game. Realistic images, vivid sound and unique gameplay have brought great success to House of the Dead 2.

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