[Sega Dreamcast] Hydro Thunder

Hydro Thunder
Full nameHydro Thunder
File size619.5MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Hydro Thunder is a popular boat racing game from the developer Midway Games. This version was first debuted on Sega Dreamcast in 1999. After that, it was quickly available on many platforms such as PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Windows and Xbox.

Like other boat racing games, players will control their vehicles to overcome many obstacles and lead the race to win. However, the difference of Hydro Thunder lies in the difficulty level. Players can choose the difficulty in each stage. Firstly, they will choose the color of the provided boat. There are 9 levels with increasing difficulty, including Thunder Park, Lost Island and the Arctic Circle. They started the first race with 15 other opponents at Thunder Park. The time for each match is one minute. Under the observation of the helicopter and the jury, the player will lead his boat to collect energy pots and bonuses that appear on the track. Energy, maps and movement speed are displayed at the corner of the screen for players to see easily. When they accumulate a lot of energy, they will use to speed up in a short time. This will help players create a safe distance from the remaining opponents. The biggest difficulty is to balance their means throughout the race. If they let the boat capsize or collide with obstacles, its speed will drop. Meanwhile, players will take time to return to the state of the original speed. At the end of the course, each gamer will receive a prize money corresponding to their position. Players will use the bonus to unlock new levels and upgrade vehicles. Having an upgraded boat makes it easy to win many excellent rivals. The new challenge is the presence of hungry sharks and fighters. They had to move flexibly to dodge bullets from aircraft and observe the water. Quick reflexes will help ensure the safety of the player’s race. The water color at each location will determine the level danger which they have to face during that stage. With good skills and experience, players will complete all stages and end the game.

In the game, the sophistication and perfection from the graphics are the great features of the game. Besides, the third and the first view angles gave them a real and vivid way.

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