[Sega Dreamcast] Jimmy White’s 2 Cueball

Jimmy White’s 2 Cueball
Full nameJimmy White's 2 Cueball
File size165.7MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Jimmy White’s 2: Cueball is the next version of Jimmy White’s ‘Whirlwind’ Snooker. Instead of focusing on snooker matches, this game has simulation elements for players to interact with their surroundings. The game was developed by Awesome Developments and published by Virgin Interactive. When it was first released, it was only available to the European region in 1999, for the Microsoft Windows platform. On January 7, a new version of Sega Dreamcast was released. Also, the game was available on PlayStation and Game Boy Color in 2000.

The game context

In Jimmy White’s 2: Cuebal, the players continue to enjoy with a first-person perspective like their predecessors. However, the context will change, players will come to the Billiard hall and explore the surroundings. At the Billiard hall, the players will discover two areas: the Pool Room and the Snooker Room.

How to play

Coming to Snooker Room, the players will participate in many different challenges. Compete against CPUs is in simple billiard matches. There are some other mini-games like Draughts or Dartboard. In which, the challenges in the Snooker Room do not require players to complete with high achievements. Players can freely leave the current challenges without any penalty. With the mini-games, it has various decorations, in which players can move around the room to explore. The art paintings are hung on the wall, repair furnace, piano…

For the Pool Room, this area has a bar and many different objects. Similar to Snooker Room, Pool Room allows players to move around to interact with items in the room. For example, players can come to the Arcade Game site to explore (allowing to enjoy the matches of Dropzone, a shooting game launched in 1984). Besides, the room has a Jukebox, and players can customize to enjoy many different songs.

Besides the first perspective, this game also has a new feature, BeeCam. It allows players to transform into a bee to fly around the Snooker Room or Pool Room to see everything. It helps players get a more panoramic view.

The visual

Finally, the best upgrade point of Jimmy White’s 2: Cueball is the visual system. The game possesses 3D graphics and good image processing capabilities. It helps to bring a clear image structure to players

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