[Sega Dreamcast] King Of Fighters The Dream Match 1999

King Of Fighters The Dream Match 1999
Full nameKing Of Fighters The Dream Match 1999
File size676.7MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

King Of Fighters The Dream Match 1999 (KOF ’99) is a unique fighting game that was released by SNK in 1999. This is an upgraded version of The King of Fighters 2000.

About the game content, after the NESTS alliance’s base was destroyed, Ling’s allies mysteriously disappeared. He conducted many searches at suspected locations. Then, he discovered that Ling’s teammates, Kyo and Iori, were also kidnapped by the dark forces. The enemy gradually appeared as an agent who survived from the organization NESTS. To rescue his team, Ling continued to locate the letter from agent NESTS. He was in danger on this journey.

In terms of the gameplay, this version has the same playing rules as its predecessor. Krizalid is a leader of the aggressive army with the goal of killing the main character – Ling. He possesses the powerful fighting skills of elite warriors. In battles, he gathers energy through attacks. After that, you can use special skills when his energy level is the full. He can withstand attacks from enemies and create damage. Besides, the biggest difference in this version is the presence of support characters. Before starting the match, Ling can summon team anytime. They will appear when he gets weak. While they appear, he regains physical strength to prepare for the next battle. Krizalid’s henchmen repeatedly intercept Ling. The biggest challenge is that enemies appear in groups of 3 to 4 people. If Ling is attacked to kill, he has to replay the current level. Krizalid’s weapons factory is the last that Ling and his teammates have to cross. They can collect some rare weapons to quickly defeat enemies. After passing many guards, Ling fought Krizalid in the final battle. He has to win for going the last room to rescue his friends. The mission completes when Kyo and Iori are rescued.

In addition, King Of Fighters The Dream Match 1999 (KOF ’99) has beautiful images. Battles are more vivid through the intuitive perspective and stunning effects from the character. Also, the sound also contributes to the attraction and drama of the challenges.

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