[Sega Dreamcast] Kita E. White Illumination

Kita E. White Illumination
Full nameKita E. White Illumination
File size806.3MB
Genre Strategy
Region Japan Japan
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Sega Dreamcast is a popular gaming console with many interesting games. However, dating simulation games (also known as Gal games) do not appear much on this system. In which, Kita E: White Illumination was the first dating simulation game available on Sega Dreamcast, which was released by Red Entertainment in 1999. It immediately attracted a large number of players. However, the gameplay was underestimated because the player cannot explore the entire story or its features.

The story

The game’s story begins in Hokkaido, Japan. You will become a tourist to take your summer vacation here. Living in Japan, players will meet a number of female characters. In which, you will have various appointments to find the person who you love the most.

The gameplay

After a few days, players will be moving around the big city along with the female characters. You will learn about the lifestyle of the people in the city, and the stories about the female characters that interest you. Many situations will occur during the process of exploring the game, players have to make the reasonable choices to solve them and upgrade the level of affection between the characters. Finally, you will have to choose a relationship with one of the girls that the game offers and ends your vacation.

Besides, gamers have to join characters’ stories. It is mandatory and players will have some time to explore them. Also, you can be with other characters to play mini-games around the city, such as arcade games, milking cows… They will help players have more knowledge about Japan and many other interesting details.

The graphics

The game’s graphics have design similar to other Gal-style games. The characters will appear in the form of a picture. Only their eyes and mouth get movements to express emotions. Also, the scenery in Hokaido is detailed, making players a feeling like they are taking a vacation in Japan. The soundtrack is highly appreciated with many funny Anime-style songs.

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