[Sega Dreamcast] MagForce Racing

MagForce Racing
Full nameMagForce Racing
File size559.6MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

If you are bored with traditional racing games, please trying to play Mag Force Racing. This game offers unique races for gamers. In the game, players will control racing cars like spaceships and use weapons to win opponents. There are no rules in the race. Instead, you can use any ways to win the game. Also, you will have the most relaxing time without too much pressure in a race.

The gameplay

Starting the game, the player will have to choose his racing car. The game will provide 5 free cars to choose. They has a speed suitable for new players. Then, you have to choose the track which you want to join to start the race. In the early stages, players will have to increase the speed quickly and collect many different support items. The track will appear a number of weapons such as guns, mines, and rockets. Using the weapons that you collect to reduce the opponent’s speed and gain more advantages. Besides, other support items such as shields and Boosts will help you maintain your advantage. They do not allow enemies to attack you for a short period of time. The races takes place a long period of time with fewer items appearing at the end of the race. Players have to accumulate and limit the use of them in the first period to have more advantages at the end of the race.

At the end of the race, you can unlock new cars in the store. The number of racing cars in the game is diverse, each of which will have a unique strength. You cannot upgrade your cars, so new cars can satisfy your needs. However, someone has their hobbies. The fastest cars may not satisfy some players. So, you should choose the suitable one to make it easier to win.

The visual

Mag Force Racing possesses sharp and beautiful 3D graphics. Besides, its interface impresses the players very much. Also, the cars with unique designs will really attract players.

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