[Sega Dreamcast] MDK2

Full nameMDK2
File size877.3MB
Genre Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

MDK2 is a 3rd-person shooter game which was released by Interplay Entertainment for Windows, Sega Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 in 1997.

The game content

The game is a sequel to the previous version when the invaders were defeated. Dr. Hawkins, Max and Kurt Hectic had discovered a surviving Minecrawler. Because of the crimes of alien forces, Kurt wanted to destroy the Minecrawler immediately. However, the Minecrawler was saved by an alien Shwang Shwing. He told the three men that the attack was just beginning, and humans would have to fight for many years. For a new battle, the three main characters continue to prepare weapons to destroy the enemy at any time.

The gameplay

Basically, there has no change in gameplay compared to the first version. In current version, the players continue to control 3 main characters, consisting of Dr. Hawkins, Max and Kurt Hectic. They have to prevent the invasion of aliens. Besides, each of them will give players a completely new experience. They own their weapons and special skills to overcome difficulties. Max is a dog-like robot, which has the largest HP up to 200. Each Max’s leg contains a gun, and it can attack enemies and knock them down in a short time. Kurt is a young man, who does not have the great power and modern weapons like Max. However, his special ability is to use ribbon chute to cross complex terrain. Besides, he uses a Sniper gun mounted on his hand and a hard armor. The last one is Dr Hawkins who has the least HP of the three characters. However, his ability helps a lot for the players when he can combine multiple objects and form a new object. Hawkins will help players solve puzzles more easily. His weapon is a radioactive toaster.

During the journey, each character will have a unique ability to help players overcome difficult levels. Using characters properly is the only way to complete the game. You can use Max to destroy many enemies at once and climb over high terrain. Use Kurt to kill remote targets or jump to deep pools.

The graphics

The game’s graphics have many improvements compared to the previous version. They make players feel excited. The skill effects or weapons have been refreshed. Kurt’s Sniper mode has an improvement so that players can make quicker shots.

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