[Sega Dreamcast] Mr. Driller

Mr. Driller
Full nameMr. Driller
File size448.5MB
Genre Action , Puzzle
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Mr. Driller is an entertainment game from the developer Namco. It has been available on the Dreamcast platform since 1999. So far, the game has received great success. Thus, the game has grown and is available almost platforms such as PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Mobile phone, …

The story

Regarding the plot, Mr. Driller had context in the city of Downtown, where Driller lived. However, the threat from aliens had disturbed people’s lives. They obscured the sun with special weapons. In order to bring peaceful life, Driller soared into the air and deciphered the mysteries inside the enemy’s weapons.

The gameplay

Basically, the players will control Driller to complete their tasks. He uses a weapon that is a drill attached to his body. Driller has to pass many levels with increasing difficulty. His goal is to destroy different shaped blocks in the sky before it collides with the house. Driller can move left, right or jump on to perform the task. The rule of destroying bricks is simple: blocks will disappear if they collide with a drill. If two blocks of the same color are placed next to each other, they will disappear at the same time. However, the blocks may fall if Driller destroys in the wrong order. He has to retake the level if he dies from any block on his body. Driller has to complete the task within the allotted time. To maintain time, he will collect the clock that appears on the blocks to extend the time. The level ends when Driller destroys all blocks. In the next levels, the biggest challenge is the movement speed of the blocks, and they are randomly arranged. Quick and flexible reflexes will help Driller create chain reactions that reduce level completion time. Its height reaches a limit in the final level. By experience, he will focus on observing to completely destroy the attack from the enemy and complete the assigned task.

The visual

In terms of graphics, Mr. Driller uses simple graphics to match the gameplay. Players will experience higher relaxation than other game genres. Besides, the light music also increases the focus for them.

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