[Sega Dreamcast] NBA 2K1

Full nameNBA 2K1
File size597.5MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

After NBA 2K received good reviews in terms of image, the manufacturer was confident to say that this game would have interest to many people. However, this game has some small problems of gameplay, making it create less prominence. The weakness is that the pass system has a problem. It is difficult for players to make quick and accurate passes. Therefore, Visual Concepts quickly overcomes the disadvantages and brings a new version of NBA 2K, which is NBA 2K1. The developer Sega provides this game for Dreamcast. It was available in North America on October 31, 2000 and Japan on March 29, 2001.

The gameplay

Like its predecessor, NBA 2K1 will bring many exciting basketball matches to relax. In addition to providing a more stable gameplay system than the old version, this game has some new modes.

Basically, there are eight modes, including: Quick Start, Exhibition, Franchise, Season, Tourney, Network Battle, Street and Practice. In which, Franchise, Network Battle and Street are three additional modes. The others still have the same content as the previous version. Quick Start and Exhibition are built with single matches, allowing players to quickly participate in a match. Tourney and Season still bring many matches, and the players have to play in separate rounds to advance. Specially, the Season is designed as on the 2000-2001 season of the NBA in real life.

Moreover, at three new levels, Franchise is the most unique part. Coming to it, the players have the opportunity to manage a basketball team of their own. Players can participate in many club managements such as arranging squads, recruiting and replacing the club’s athletes, leading the club through many tournaments. Similar to Franchise, Street also receives a lot of interest in players. Instead of basketball in the gymnasium, this mode allows players to enjoy outdoor games. The manufacturer has prepared to four outdoor courts (Goat Park, West Fourth Street Courts, Franklin Park (Boston) and Rucker Park). Also, outdoor matches take place in the form of 3vs3. Finally, Network Battle allows creating online competitions between multiple players. This mode will be stable and easy to understand.

The visual

The graphics of NBA 2K1 have more improvements than the previous version. In which the characters have a smoother movement and realistic design. Besides, the sound is lively, which make players more interesting.

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