[Sega Dreamcast] Phantasy Star Online

Phantasy Star Online
Full namePhantasy Star Online
File size639.2MB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

About the top online RPG games, Phantasy Star Online has been the most memorable name in the last 20 years. This game was available in 2000 by by SEGA developer. It has great success in the gaming market. With a large world and perfect connectivity, this game is one of the most engaging environments for RPG lovers.

The story

Despite of basing on the Anime, the game’s story is not related to the story of the movie. A huge disaster threatens the lives on the planet. To survive, humanity migrated to a star Ragol on a ship Pioneer 2. Unable to contact Pioneer 1, they realized that Ragol was unsafe. So they wanted to explore by sending a team of elite soldiers. At that time, Ragol had a lot of monsters, and it will threaten humans. After finding a clue from Rico Tyrell, players will base on it to go to another dangerous planet, Dark Falz. A war will begin, and this world needs you to fight the demon king.

The gameplay

Initially, you will have to create your character with many options such as race, hair color, skin color, costume, character … In which, race and character are two important options, they determines the character’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on the story, you will accompany some other players through the Internet to explore Ragol. After joining the big hall, you can create a group or join with 3 other players in a group. And then you start your journey. On Ragol, your task is to defeat all monsters on the screen and to level up to become stronger. Some monsters are very powerful, and the players cannot fight them alone. Therefore, you have to combine with your team to defeat stronger monsters to gain more EXP.

Besides leveling up and upgrading your character’s stats, you can buy new equipment and weapons. You have to join the shops at Pioneer 2 to buy your characters the appropriate and powerful weapons. The players can also trade with each other to have rare items. Interaction is the important factor in the game. The communication system between players has an intuitive and beautiful design so that players can easily exchange information and communicate with each other.

General visual

The graphics of Phantasy Star Online are not appreciated compared to other RPG games. However, it has a vast world. This will certainly satisfy the adventure passion of the players.

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