[Sega Dreamcast] Power Stone 2

Power Stone 2
Full namePower Stone 2
File size312.6MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Power Stone 2 is an interesting action game in the Power Stone game series which was available by Capcom. The game first appeared on Arcade in 2000 and later supported on Dreamcast and PlayStation Portable platforms.

Regarding the plot, Power Stone 2 is in the world in the last years of the 19th century. The gods with great power protected the lands in the world. However, the monsters’ appearance had greatly influenced human life. To combat sabotage from enemies, an organization was formed with many elite warriors under the leader’s leadership. Their mission is to find lost weapons and fight the enemies.

Basically, the players will act as the leader of the warrior group. The game offers three main game modes such as adventure, survival, and multiplayer. In adventure mode, players go through many stages to complete their goals. Their first location is on a large space ship. Players move to many locations on the ship to look for weapons such as guns or swords. Upon detecting enemies, they will destroy them to ensure safety and receive bonuses. After the enemies have been defeated, players use the parachute on the spaceship and drop themselves into a new area. Here, they collect many diamonds and the treasure chests. The danger level increases when the player has destroyed both the enemies and the cannons in their castle. They have to pay attention to their physical strength and energy to create accurate attacks on their opponents. Pharaoh Walker is the last enemy that you have to defeat. They fight in an empty area on the top floor of the castle. The winner is the one who causes the opponent to exhaust his strength or fall to the lowest floor. Players leave the castle and come to the small countryside in the final stages. They accumulate moving skills after ending each stage. Upon detecting the player’s existence, enemies quickly appear under the control of Dr. Erode. They defeat all soldiers to fight Erode. The mission is completed when Erode is killed, and the player returns to the land safely. In addition to the single-player mode, they can choose a multiplayer mode to participate in new challenges. Unlike adventure mode, players will randomly select stages and enemies in survival mode. Their goal is to ensure a character’s safety throughout the journey.

Regarding graphics, Power Stone 2 continues to bring players beautiful 3D graphics. Like its previous, the lighting and space have a unique design to appeal to players. Besides, the character voice and sound system in the match also brings a new experience for the players.

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