[Sega Dreamcast] Sega Bass Fishing

Sega Bass Fishing
Full nameSega Bass Fishing
File size14.4MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

If you are a fishing enthusiast, Sega Bass Fishing is for you. The game was available by Sega in 1997 will bring you the most authentic experience. This is the first fishing game that allows players to use a device to simulate a fishing rod.


Basically, the gameplay is very simple, and players can immediately challenge their fishing ability. Firstly, you will attach a prey to the hook and throw the line into the water to wait for the fish. After throwing the rope, players can see the underwater environment clearly with a flexible camera system. After a short time, the fish will move closer to the bait and eat it. Thus, the players have to control their fishing rods flexibly to reduce their resistance and pull it out. After fishing a fish, you will receive bonus points. You have to accumulate lots of bonus points to unlock new fishing areas with a larger variety of fish.

There are 4 different types of fish to collect as small, medium, large, and super large. Initially, most players will not have much experience, and the game offers them to catch small fish. After accumulating many bonus points and unlocking new fishing areas, you will start collecting bigger fish. They can resist stronger when the players try to pull it out of the water. The gamers will have to use the experience that they have accumulated from previous to be able to collect the bigger fish. In the final stage, you will face the biggest fish. There is only one super large, and it is very difficult to catch. You have to use different plans to catch them. When you collect it, you can choose to exit the game or start over with a higher difficulty level.


Compared to other games at the same time, Sega Bass Fishing brings good quality 3D graphics system. All details such as fish, water, characters are very sharp to bring the best experience for the players. The camera system is flexible to help players have more knowledge and easily accumulate more experience for themselves.

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