[Sega Dreamcast] Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Full nameStreet Fighter Alpha 3
File size410.9MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the third part of the Street Fighter Alpha series (the prequel to Street Fighter II). It was built by Capcom and was first available on the Arcade and PlayStation platforms in 1998. Besides, Capcom also released this game for another platform, Sega Dreamcast, which was launched in Japan in in 1999 and other regions in 2000. In particular, this game has a version for Game Boy Advance which was available by Crawfish Interactive in 2002.

Similar to other games, Street Fighter Alpha 3 still offers attractive fighting matches and many beautiful fighting skills to enjoy. The first highlight is that it possesses a diverse character system to enjoy. With the Dreamcast platform, players can use up to 34 different characters.

In addition, there are four characters that do not appear in this platform, including Eagle, Ingrid, Yun, and Maki. In particular, two other characters, Evil Ryu and Guile, will be returned to the default system, not limited as in the previous version. The next interesting is that it eliminates two basic fights as Auto and Manual (from the old version). Instead, the manufacturer will provide a new battle system, isms and possesses three different fightings. The first is A-ism (in Japan it’s called Z-ism). It brings the basic matches of the Street Fighter Alpha series. It provides an energy bar for players to activate Super Combo in the fighting process with three different levels. Each will bring the amount of damage. The next is X-ism, which bases on the Super Street Fighter II Turbo match. It provides fast pacing and Super Combo’s energy bars that are only prepared for one level to use. Finally, V-ism is a fighting style that allows us to choose from many attack combos (similar to Street Fighter Alpha 2). However, this part will eliminate Super Combo ability.

Besides bringing three new combats, this version also adds another feature is the Guard Power Gauge. As you knows, defense will help us not to suffer damage from enemy attacks. However, the defense will be limited. In which, the Guard Power Gauge will display with an energy bar at the bottom of the character’s vitality bar. It represents for the character’s defenses. While the Guard Power Gauge’s energy is still active, the player is immune to damage. In case the power of the Guard Power Gauge has been reduced to zero, performing defensive skills still cause the player to take damage. Therefore, players have to calculate carefully in the selection of defense and attack.

In terms of images, Street Fighter Alpha 3 has still classic 2D graphics. The color system is brighter than its previous one. The appearance of the characters is beautiful and sharp.

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