[Sega Dreamcast] The Nomad Soul

The Nomad Soul
Full nameThe Nomad Soul
File size565.7MB
Region France France
Console Sega Dreamcast (Download Emulator)

The Nomad Soul is a unique adventure and detective game. It was available in 1999 by Eidos Interactive for Windows, in 2000 for SEGA Dreamcast. The players will become a warrior and learn about the secrets of the city Omikron through conversations with the NPC. Their mission is to investigate and to find the mystery of the city of Omikron behind mass murders.

The game content

Basically, the player’s mission begins when their character appears through a teleport gate. Then you will be faced to a ferocious and massive monster. The players cannot defeat this monster and be defeated. The giant monster was the first clue that they had to find out. After waking up inside the warehouse, you will move around the city and meet new characters. Through conversations with the NPC, the players have to collect the information to complete the quest. During conversations, there will be several options for players to choose and decide on the next action for their character. The important clues will lead you to the fierce battles between monsters. They can be anyone in the city, and you have to win to find the city’s mystery. Collecting information is very important in this game. If you search for information smartly, you can finish the game earlier than other players.

Moreover, the occasional duel takes place in the game. You can meet monsters at any time. The monsters are difficult to defeated, the players have good skills to defeat. In the early stages, the players will have the gym to practice with a simulation character. Its actions are varied such as jumping, punching, kicking and bowing. Cleverly moving and creating attacks will help players complete training or win monsters.

The visual

Compared to other adventure games, The Nomad Soul makes players quite disappointed by 3D graphics system. The character is quite sketchy and has many unreasonable details. However, the game maker designed the large city with intuitive NPC system, which helps players find the clues more easily.

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