[Sega Genesis] Alien Storm (JUE)

Alien Storm (JUE)
Full nameAlien Storm (JUE)
File size355.3KB
Genre Beat Em Up
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Alien Storm is an interesting action game released by Sega in 1990. The game background was set in the Earth that was being attacked by alien forces. They use a fighter plane containing alien monsters and dangerous weapons to attack the people and turned them into monsters. In such a dangerous situation, the space army has formed Alien Busters, a special military force to destroy aliens.

Before starting dangerous battles, players will choose to control one of the three warriors with a laser gun. Players can watch a short video introduction about the six missions in the game. After the video ends, they will go to the city and take the first task: protect people. Players must defeat enemies on the streets and free the people. About the control mechanism, your character can jump high and attack targets from the air. They collect energy pots after the enemy is defeated. When the energy bar is filled, the player can activate his special skills. They will move fast with a protective shield and attack monsters. Players enter a small shop, where many enemies hide and use a machine gun to destroy them. After that, players can go to small towns to continue their journey in the next stages. In addition to the enemies, gamers will face the big boss at the end of the fourth stage. This monster appears in a weapons factory and attacks players by shooting rockets at them. If the player dies while fighting an enemy, they must restart the stage and lose some energy. Besides, gamers have to fight enemies like demon bats and dinosaurs in the final stage. They invade the control center of the alien aircraft and break its control unit.

In addition to the original mode, the game allows up to three players to play together in battles. With the help of their teammates, they will conquer the challenges more easily. The game ends when all the monsters are destroyed, and the peaceful life returns to humans.

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