[Sega Genesis] Alisia Dragoon

Alisia Dragoon
Full nameAlisia Dragoon
File size583.2KB
Genre Platform
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Alisia Dragoon is a fighting and adventure game built with a medieval context. This game was designed and developed by Game Arts, as well as was released by Sega on March 30, 1992. However, Game Arts developer also released a separate version for the Japanese market on April 24, 1992.

For the Japanese version, the game’s plot involves the journey of revenge for Alisia’s deceased father. Earlier, the protagonist’s father was a powerful witch. But he imprisoned the Demon King – Baldour, who was locked in a cocoon and exiled in outer space. To free the King, the demons attacked Alisa’s father and tortured him to death. After that, Baldour returned and started a new plan to rule the world. Therefore, Alisa went to Baldour’s base and destroyed all his minions for protecting the world. As for the Western version, Alisa is mentioned as a senior fighter. She wanted to regain the freedom of her four pets. To do that, she must fight the evil monsters and destroy their base. In the game, a mysterious star fell to Earth many years ago.

Coming to Alisia Dragoon, you can control Alisa to participate in sightseeing missions and fight with many dangers along the way. In particular, Alisa can release powerful lightning bolts from her hands to defeat the enemy. Besides, she also receives support from four pets, including Ball O ‘Fire, Dragon Frye, Thunder Raven and Lizard Boomerang. Each pet will have a unique appearance and fighting abilities to protect Alisa. With medieval scenes and creatures possessing strong magical powers, the game will bring gamers many attractive combat effects. Also, Alisia Dragoon is designed with eight levels. You will have to defeat a boss at the end of each level to go on. When conquering a level, the player can choose one of four available pets to use or fight alone.

During the journey, in addition to having to overcome traps and enemies, players also have the task of upgrading the power for Alisa and her pets. To upgrade the power, you will have to collect many different types of growth items, which are dropped after destroying objects. When you use the growth items, the energy will be upgraded, as well as the attack skills will expand the range and cause more damage.

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