[Sega Genesis] Altered Beast (JU) (REV 01)

Altered Beast (JU) (REV 01)
Full nameAltered Beast (JU) (REV 01)
File size310.2KB
Genre Beat Em Up
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

In August 1988, Sega released an addictive fighting game called Altered Beast. The content of the game will focus on the mission of rescuing Athena – Goddess of wisdom, from hell. Besides the single-player mode, this game also allows gamers to enjoy the two players mode. The protagonist is a dead Centurion warrior. He was revived by Zeus. His mision is to rescue Zeus’s daughter (Athena). She has been imprisoned by a dark god in Hell, Neff. To help the Centurion withstand attacks from hell-guarding monsters, Zeus has given him the ability to transform into various monsters. Players can transorm into four types of monsters, including werewolves, dragons, bears and tigers. Note, you need to collect three power balls to be able to transform into a monster.

Altered Beast’s battle challenge is designed with five different levels. Each will be set in a separate context, including a graveyard, Hell, cave, Neff’s Castle and City of Dis. At the end of each level, the game also brings a boss battle for you. In the early stages of the game, you will fight with the form of a human. You can kick or punch to kill enemies. In addition to fighting enemies, you also have to overcome gaps and dangerous traps. Characters will be prepared with three vitality points, shown at the bottom of the screen. Losing all life points, you will be deducted from one life. If you use all lives, you will have to play again.

As mentioned above, players must collect power balls to turn into monsters. However, these balls can be stolen by Neff at the end of each level. After transforming into a monster and fighting bosses, you need to destroy enemies the fastest. Taking too long to defeat a boss, Neff will appear and steal your power balls. Therefore, players must have many agile maneuvers to defeat a boss and protect the power balls for the next level. In case you lost the power orbs, you will have to collect them at the next level.

With combat content based on the details of Greek mythology, the game will provide people with many fascinating images such as monsters of Greece (Cerberus, Cyclops…), unique architectural features of Greece (Neff’s Castle or City of Dis). They will definitely make you excited.

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