[Sega Genesis] American Gladiators

American Gladiators
Full nameAmerican Gladiators
File size407.3KB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Based on American Gladiators (1989 TV series), the developer Incredible Technologies produced a game with the same name and similar content. This game was released by GameTek in 1991. In the game American Gladiators, players will be able to compete in many different challenges and defeat competitors. Players have to win a lot of high scores to get the victory.

The game modes

On the Sega Genesis platform, this game has two game modes, including Tournament and Head to Head. In particular, these two game modes provide the same tasks. Players must complete 6 consecutive challenges to accumulate high scores. Their difference is that Tournament will bring matches with COM, in which there are up to 16 opponents for you to compete. In Head to Head, the game will provide challenges for two players, including you and another player.

The gameplay

Compared to NES and SNES platforms (providing up to 7 challenges), Sega is only designed with 6 challenges in the order of Assault, Joust, The Wall, Atlasphere, Powerball and Eliminator (Human Cannonball challenge has been removed). Besides the number of challenges, the game is also designed with two separate viewing angles, the third view and the top-down view. Before starting the game, players have to select the gender for the character and naming the character to display in the game’s tournament table. After completing the above two requirements, the player will start the game.

With Assault, players will have to constantly move on a playground and use the guns to shoot at targets. This challenge brings two perspectives for players to explore. From a top-down perspective, you have to control the character to move to the locations where a gun is available. In a third view angle, you have to take part in the shooting challenge on the required target. The scoring system of this challenge consists of 1 point for picking up the gun, 5 points for hitting the outside of the target and 10 points for hitting the center of the target. Next, Joust is a fighting match with 60 seconds. The Wall is a test of ability to move quickly, in which players will have to climb a wall to reach the required position and avoid the pursuit of the guardsman, with a competition time of 40 seconds. Atlasphere brings the top-down view, which requires gamers to move the ball to the prepared target. The competition time is 60 seconds. In the Powerball mode, the game allows you to play in 60 seconds. It requires the player to bring different balls to the cylindrical targets. Finally, the Eliminator mode requires you to move from the left to the right of the screen. The time to perform the challenge is 75 seconds.

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