[Sega Genesis] Another World

Another World
Full nameAnother World
File size495.4KB
Genre Platform
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Another World is an adventure game released by Delphine Software in 1991. The game revolves around the journey back to Earth of Dr. Lester Knight Chaykin, a famous physicist. In one of his experiments, he mishandled the process of activating space weapons. It caused Lester to disappear from Earth and appear on a mysterious planet. Things get harder for Lester when he was caught by alien soldiers. Lester’s journey to escape the alien’s confinement and return to Earth began when he met Buddy, the space prisoner.

In the game, players have to control Lester to escape from the alien’s prison. He got Buddy’s help and destroyed the cell door. Lester picked up a laser gun on the floor and fired. During the game, he will run through many different rooms to search for the exits. Upon discovering Lester and Buddy, enemies blocked the ways. Lester will destroy them to steal the key and go out. Also, getting the key will help him unlock some secret areas of the prison.

After passing through many levels of the cave, Lester exited the cave and ran to the forest. He destroyed obstacles with a gun in search of a means to help Lester return to Earth. He had to lie down to squeeze through some forest paths. In addition to the dangerous enemies in the forest, Lester also has to move flexibly to avoid the stones falling from above. The challenge continues to increase in difficulty when Lester discovers the forest is about to be covered by water. He ran quickly to the end of the forest to find out the last base of the game in the next stage. Buddy got lost in the journey and the enemy takes advantage of Buddy’s life to catch Lester again. With experience in previous battles, Lester quickly defeated all enemies and escaped from the forest.

The following events of the game describe Lester’s search for military aircraft to return to Earth. In this stage, he must fight a final boss. The mission is completed, and Lester returns to his abode after escaping from the control of alien enemies.

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