[Sega Genesis] Arch Rivals

Arch Rivals
Full nameArch Rivals
File size193.0KB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Midway is a popular game maker with many famous games. Their products always receives high appreciation from players. Following the success of sports games, Midway continued to release a great game named Arch Rivals to meet the needs of players. With this game, players will experience great basketball matches with big teams in the world. With beautiful images and a rich match system, Arch Rivals will give players new gaming experience.

In Arch Rivals, you will control a player of the team to participate in the tournament. First, gamers can join the practice mode to familiarize themselves with the passing and throwing operation. Players can exit this mode at any time to play the match. In each match, you can choose one of the eight available characters, including Blade, Hammer, Lewis, Mohawk, Moose, Reggie, Tyrone or Vinnie. Each of them has different strengths and weaknesses in defensive and attack positions in the squad. After selecting the favorite character, players can start the tournament and compete with other teams. In the game, 4 teams are put into a small group to find the winner, which will go on to the next round. Each team selects the two best members to compete with the opponent. A match takes place with four rounds. To win the game, the player must move flexibly to control the ball and overcome the opponent skillfully. When you approach the goal area, you can jump high and put the ball inside the opponent’s goal to get two points. However, if you get a fault, you will be penalized for violating the requirements and rules of the match. Many penalties are given under the referee’s decision. Each team’s score is aggregated after four rounds. The team with the higher score will gain the right to go on and receive bonuses from the game.

In the next round, the matches will be more and more difficult. Your opponents will be good players with great physical strength. Therefore, players have to take advantage of the previous experience to quickly overcome teams and go to the final round of the tournament. After winning the final round, players will receive the prestigious cup and money.

Moreover, players can increase the difficulty of the game by selecting a two-player mode. In which, you and your friend can compete with each other for finding who the best and for more fun.

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