[Sega Genesis] Arcus Odyssey

Arcus Odyssey
Full nameArcus Odyssey
File size769.4KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

With a medieval setting and battles against evil wizards, Arcus Odyssey will bring fascinating role-playing challenges to enjoy. This game has also design with a multiplayer mode so that you can have fun together.


The story takes place in the Arcus Kingdom. This land is managed by the King Light, and his granddaughter Princess Leaty (a white witch, who uses magic for good purposes and helps people). However, the Kingdom was facing a threat of extinction. The dark queen, Castomira, was seeking to turn Arcus into a dark land. She enslaves humanity with her evil magical. To protect Arcus, Princess Leaty challenged Castomira and defeated the dark witch after many days. In the end, Castomira was pushed into the Dark World by the Light Princess and sealed her away, so that the villain could not return to Arcus.

Besides, to avoid a day to seal the Queen in destruction, the Princess used her power to create a magic sword. It is The Power of Leaty. At the same time, the sword was entrusted to the King of Arcus. After a peace millennium, darkness began to reappear in Arcus. The Queen’s faithful tried to revive her. In order to do that, they stole The Power of Leaty. Since then, 4 heroes had been summoned. It had to recover the magic sword before it is used for evil purposes. They include Erin Gashuna the warrior-maiden, Jedda Chef the swordsman, Bead Shia the mage, and Diana Fireya the archer.


In Arcus Odyssey, you will participate in many different combat missions in dungeons or new lands. Each will play in different levels, and each allows one to use 1 of the 4 heroes (the game is built in linear form and you can only explore the levels according to 1 certain sequence). Built-in role-playing fighting style, you will control the character and join the fight with many monsters.

In addition, you also have to collect many powerful items for the character to use (collect rare items from the discovery of treasure chests from the dungeons). Each level also brings one boss to fight. Successfully destroy the boss will help you get bonus points to strengthen the character. In particular, at the last mission, you will receive The Power of Leaty. Once there, you have 2 options, use it to destroy Castomira permanently or revive her.

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