[Sega Genesis] Arrow Flash (JUE)

Arrow Flash (JUE)
Full nameArrow Flash (JUE)
File size246.4KB
Genre Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Arrow Flash is a unique action game developed by Sega in 1990. The game recreates the battles in the sky of Earth’s military air force. This is the program of exploring the other planets’ activities. During the journey, the aircraft encountered many difficulties because of the interception of many enemies’ planes. Unlike other games of the same genre, Arrow Flash brings a good experience for players with beautiful graphics and fast pacing.

In the game, players receive the task of controlling an aircraft to fly into the vast space between planets. This aircraft is equipped with a gun. Players will move left and right to avoid enemy attacks. If you are attacked by enemies or touch the obstacles, your plane will explode. After defeating enemies, gamers will receive items for unlocking new weapons. This increases the attack range and attack power of each bullet. Accompanying the player is a small satellite, which can assist you in attacking the enemies.

In the next stage, the player travels to vast seas and sees the Earth’s satellite explode. Here, they use their weapons to quickly sweep out the enemy and search for clues to the next area. Players lost in the space between the planets after escaping from the sea. From here, the speed of the game will be faster. It requires gamers’ quick reflexes. Besides, you will be more difficult to destroy the meteors on the map. It needs your patience and good control skills.

In addition to the dangerous enemies, players also have to face automatic gun machines in the third stage. They receive protection at the beginning of this period. The player must defeat the boss at the end of this stage to go to the final stage of the game. After a long time fighting with alien enemies, the player sees the great fighters of enemies at the end of the game. They had to move fast and accurately shoot at the center of the fighter to destroy it. The game ends when the enemy’s fighter explodes, and the player returns to Earth safely.

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