[Sega Genesis] Asterix And The Great Rescue [x]

Asterix And The Great Rescue [x]
Full nameAsterix And The Great Rescue [x]
File size948.9KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Asterix and the Great Rescue is a great game, which based on a famous French cartoon, Asterix the Gaul. In the game, your main task is to rescue Dogmatix and Getafix from Romans, who are plotting to dominate and control the people in Gaul. Asterix and the Great Rescue was designed and developed by Core Design. It has been available on the Sega Genesis platform since 1993, and on two other platforms including Sega Master System (SMS) and Game Gear since 1994. This game will give players many interesting challenges. Also, the game’s design is in the animated series. It brings a bright color system and creates comfort for players.

How to play

In the game, you have to conquer many different levels, and the game brings two familiar characters, including Obelix and Asterix. In particular, before starting a level, players can choose one of the two characters to control. Besides, each level will take players to specific contexts to complete the challenge. The conquest of each level will be limited for a certain period. Therefore, players will have to move skillfully to reach the required position on time. Note, completing the level in the shortest time will help you achieve a high score.

About the character collection, each will have a unique fighting skill. In which, Asterix can punch or kick enemies to clear them from the way. Obelix can throw red marbles to destroy enemies. Also, he can punch (similar to Asterix). In addition, Asterix also can move more agile. In addition to destroying the dangers along the way to get bonus points, you have to collect coins and overcome the pitfalls in on the road. Each coin will give you 50 points. In addition to participating in the challenges on the ground, this game brings you some unique challenges underwater. However, the underwater challenges are designed with a relatively uncomfortable visual system that players must have a good concentration to observe the path.

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