[Sega Genesis] Atomic Robo Kid [c]

Atomic Robo Kid [c]
Full nameAtomic Robo Kid [c]
File size189.9KB
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Atomic Robo Kid is an action game from the developer UPL in 1988. The game is set in the late years of the 21st century. At that time, science and technology in many places around the world had made great achievements in weapons production. However, an incident happened in the nuclear weapons factory, which caused a big explosion. Then, the factory radiation quickly spread throughout the entire world and changed the shape of living things. Alien enemies were aware of this opportunity and invaded the earth. In this situation, an army organization was established to destroy the enemy and overcome the consequences of the explosion.

How to play

Players will accompany a leader of the organizations to explore dangerous areas on earth. They control a military aircraft equipped with advanced guns and go through many stages of the game. The difficulty level will be increasing. In the first stage, they go to the underground cave, in which players have to destroy the enemy’s defense system and enemy. Besides, this cave is divided into several floors containing unique hazards. At the end of this stage, the player enters the closed room and must destroy the giant robot. In every stage, gamers need good movement and quick reflexes to avoid the enemies. After defeating all enemies, players can exit the cave and go to the next area.

In the later stages, the biggest challenge for the player is the appearance of the nuclear bomb. If they touch this kind of bomb, they must replay the game from the beginning. The longer you play the game, the more enemies will appear. Of course, the game will be more and more difficult. You can upgrade your weapons after defeating aliens, which increases the attack range and power. Besides, it will reduce the time to find the center of the enemy’s base. After overcoming many enemy attacks, the enemy’s base gradually appeared in the city center. They built an army with many great warriors and robots. Players attack directly on the base and destroy enemies. Gamers will complete the mission when they completely destroy the aliens.

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