[Sega Genesis] Australian Rugby League

Australian Rugby League
Full nameAustralian Rugby League
File size635.6KB
Genre Sports
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Australian Rugby League is an interesting sports game released by EA Sports in 1995. It was developed based on an annual rugby league in the Oceania nations. In the game, players can compete with many famous teams in the world for the prestigious cup and money. If you are passionate about sports games, Australian Rugby League is a perfect choice.

The game mode

Australian Rugby League offers two game modes, including single-player and two players. In each mode, you can choose the playing time and the weather condition. Players control their squad alongside 19 other teams in the tournament.

How to play

Before joining a game, gamers can watch a match in the previous season to understand how the game calculates score and how to control the players. Instead of requiring players to join the training mode, the game provides them with the tutorial video. This helps them not to waste time and understand more about the scoring rules of each match. After understanding the basic rules of the tournament, the game will divide the teams to participate in many groups. The team with the highest score in the group will move to the next rounds.

The first match starts when there is a signal from the referee. Players control flexible athletes in the team to many positions to control the ball. Their target is to score a goal. Players can use both hands and feet to make passes. Many penalties are imposed by the referee to make the match safe and fair between the teams. The result of the match is decided after two rounds. The winner is the team scoring the most points during the regular time. If the two teams are draw during the fulltime, the game provides the extra time. After overcoming many teams in the rounds, players go to the final round. Experience in previous matches is an important factor in helping players win the tournament and become the season champion.

The graphics

Australian Rugby League has achieved great success with the game system and beautiful images. After each goal, the cheering sound from the audience increases motivation and excitement for the player.

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