[Sega Genesis] AWS Pro Moves Soccer

AWS Pro Moves Soccer
Full nameAWS Pro Moves Soccer
File size309.1KB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Pro Moves Soccer is one of the most exciting football games ever. It will bring people many great football matches. This game was designed by a Danish studio (or BGS Developments and ZAT Productions). After that, the game was released by ASCII Entertainment on Sega Genesis in North America (1993).

The game mode and gameplay

Pro Moves Soccer contains many interesting game modes such as Exhibition, Practice, World Cup and Eight Nations Tournament. First, the Exhibition mode allows gamers to select one of the available countries to join in the first World Cup qualifier. Similar to the tournament challenges, players also compete with many opponents. You have to defeat them to win the final. After that, players can participate in two exciting tournament modes of the game, including Eight Nations Tournament and World Cup. In World Cup, everyone will join qualifiers and find the champion. The challenges of this game mode are somewhat similar to the Exhibition mode. However, the competitors of this game will be more difficult, and it requires the player to have good concentration and skills. Finally, the Eight Nations Tournament offers everyone a small league with a maximum of eight teams. Compared to the World Cup, this game mode will bring fewer rounds, and players only need to beat seven opponents to win.

The visual

Pro Moves Soccer emphasizes the sports element, as well as has a beautiful visual system and smooth movements. In addition, the developer also prepares a diverse weather system for players to customize when exploring matches. You can choose to play on bright, cloudy, windy, or rainy weather. Besides, Pro Moves Soccer features an easy-to-see and intuitive interface. On the right side, players will see a mini-map, which shows the whole stadium. At the bottom of the map, the game will display information of the player that you are controlling (with the name and three individual technical indicators). In addition to distinguishing players from the colors of the outfit, the game also marks players with a red square frame. It avoids the players’ costumes being overlapped and causing difficult to observe.

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