[Sega Genesis] Barney’s Hide And Seek

Barney’s Hide And Seek
Full nameBarney's Hide And Seek
File size559.7KB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Barney’s Hide & Seek Game is an exciting product, which is based on a children’s television program, Barney & Friends. This game was released by Realtime Associates. It focuses on simple challenges for children to entertain themselves with adults or play alone. After that, Sega of America released it on the Sega platform for two regions, South America and North America, in 1993.

General content

In the game, the main character is the lovely dinosaur Barney. This character’s voice was recorded by Bob West, a TV presenter. Besides, the content of the game will take place with simple challenges or solving some different puzzles. Also, the developer built a cute image system with bright colors to suit children.

How to play

In Barney’s Hide & Seek Game, players have to control Barney and complete the challenges. The basic objective of the game is to find five gifts and five different children hiding on the map. Every time you search for a gift, you will receive a lovely item (worth mentally). Besides, finding a child helps you get a warm and happy hug. When exploring each level, Barney can move the left or right of the screen to search for targets. Besides, this character can also jump on medium height terrain to reach new areas. To move to higher areas, Barney will use a balloon to fly. After that, Barney will leave the area with a cloud. However, there is a traffic light next to the cloud. Players can only approach the cloud when the traffic light turns green.

Unlike other travel challenges, Barney is not provided with life or energy, as well as this character is also not failed when touching obstacles on the way. Instead, Barney will give suggestions and instructions for safe transportation during walking or traffic. In the tutorials, Barney can speak over 100 words or 200 phrases to provide useful information for gamers.

In addition to trying to complete the required tasks, Barney is also responsible for creating joy for the animals he meets along the way. To accomplish that, Barney will perform a hand gesture and throw the sparkling fairy dust. For example, Barney can help a sad bear become happier or ask a North American panda to put garbage in the trash.

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