[Sega Genesis] Battle Squadron

Battle Squadron
Full nameBattle Squadron
File size250.1KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

After the success of Hybris, Cope-Com continues to bring fascinating shooting challenges with vertical movement in a new game. It is called Battle Squadron, which allows one to two players to join in the fight for more fun.

The background

The background of the game is set in the future when humans were able to move between different planets easily. At this time, a space war has been going on for more than a century, between Earth Defense Alliance and Barrax Empire. In special mission, when the Union’s two senior commanders, Barry Mayers and Lori Bergin, were returning to the Earth Fleet after a mission of monitor and destroy Barrax’s advanced technologies on the planet. Urania. However, a guardship of Barrax pursued and arrested the ship carrying the two senior commanders. After that, they are captured on the planet Terrainia, and the player’s task is to rescue the commanders. Besides, you also get the side task of destroying all enemy warships in this area.

The gameplay

In Battle Squadron, players will participate in fierce combat missions and face a powerful military force of Barrax in Terrainia. The game has many levels, and the player must defeat all enemies along the way to complete the mission. Besides, players can also participate in a fight with bosses. Especially, there are two special stages with giant robots, equipped with many powerful defensive weapons systems. In the final match, you will fight Barrax Nova Cruiser – a heavy battleship of the Barrax Empire.

When participating in combat, you will meet many different means of war (ground and air weapons). Besides, the enemy squadrons will appear from multiple positions and attack you suddenly. The ground defense systems will attack continuously and create a dense fire density to shoot down your spacecraft. Therefore, players need to carefully observe the battlefield and moves smartly to avoid enemy fire. To fight the enemy, you have to equip the spacecraft with different types of offensive weapons, and you are allowed to bring a limited amount of Bom Nova to use. Players can upgrade weapons by collecting the Powe-Up logo. Currently, there are 25 upgrade types for you to explore.

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