[Sega Genesis] Battlemaster (JUE) [b1]

Battlemaster (JUE) [b1]
Full nameBattlemaster (JUE) [b1]
File size368.8KB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)


Battle Master is an exciting role-playing strategy game, which was released by Mirrorsoft in 1990. In the game, players have the opportunity to explore a vast medieval world with four different races. Besides the addictive element of role-playing, this game also built a visual system and an intuitive interface. The characters of the game are carefully designed with many unique features for players to distinguish. At the interface, the left side of the screen displays the environment and the different paths for the character to move. On the right side of the screen, it displays the health status of the characters, equipment in the inventory and a mini map.

The game content

Besides, the four races are Human, Orc, Dwarf and Elf. However, they have been at war for years, causing many cities and lands to be destroyed. People have to live in difficult conditions. Before the war, the four races managed a separate kingdom. Also, they had a witch called the Watcher, who had a duty to balance the races and bring about peace. After years of peace, the four races stopped listening to Watcher’s courage and wanted to wage war to expand their influence. As a result, Watcher left and resided in a tower. In addition, this powerful witch left a prophecy: “Anyhhere has dissonance and injustice, there will be people standing up for peace and equality. A hero will appear in the South and conquer the kingdoms to reunite four kings. A new era will be opened and a good future will begin”.

In Battle Master, the player will become the hero, who was mentioned in the prophecy. Your task is to gather the four crowns of the four kings. Before enjoying the game, players must choose the race and character class. Besides the four races, the character classes include warriors, wizards, merchants and archers. In addition, each race and class has its own characteristics (advantages and disadvantages). Therefore, you need to get more battle plans and upgrade your character appropriately.

In addition to selecting the character in the early stages, you have to recruit four other characters to form a battle group. However, commanding a combat group will not be simple. Players need to upgrade each character’s equipment to enhance their fighting ability and survival on the battlefield. Gamers can use the gold collected after a battle mission to buy necessary items.

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