[Sega Genesis] Battletoads (JUE)

Battletoads (JUE)
Full nameBattletoads (JUE)
File size343.2KB
Genre Beat Em Up
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Battletoads is a great game, which was first released by Tradewest on June 1, 1991 (above NES). Then, in 1993, a version for the Sega Genesis platform was released. Compared to the normal image details from the first version (NES), Sega’s version has been upgraded and brings more vivid details for players to enjoy.

With adventure and combat content, the developer Rare has built an engaging game with the content of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Instead of the familiar Ninja warriors above, Rare has brought the space warriors, and they have to protect the world from the evil Dark Queen. These warriors originated as three junior high school students, given the ability to transform into three toads. They also possessed a special fighting skill – Smash Hit.

Battletoads was formed with three members (Pimple, Rash and Zitz). In addition, they also received help from Professor T. Bird. The game’s content involves the quest of rescuing Princess Angelica from the Dark Queen. During a mission, Angelica and Pimple were ambushed by the Dark Queen’s minions. They are imprisoned in the Gargantua (Queen’s spaceship). After that, the Pimple sent an S.O.S signal to Professor T. Bird to inform them of the location they were being held in (on a planet called Ragnarok’s World). As a result, Rash, Zitz and Professor T. Bird devised a rescue plan. They used the Vulture and quickly approached the mysterious planet.

When experiencing this game, players will be involved in many interesting adventure challenges. The game will take players to many contexts. Besides the familiar challenges of moving horizontally across the screen, this game also prepares some interesting challenges with vertical movement. In which the speed will increase over time, and the player must have the good enough reflex agile to avoid obstacles. In particular, some levels of the game are hidden from the Mega Warp for you to find. It is a mysterious energy gate, which allows players to pass two consecutive levels without having to play.

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