[Sega Genesis] BC Racers 32X

BC Racers 32X
Full nameBC Racers 32X [c]
File size1.0MB
Region France France
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

BC Racers is an interesting game, which is very unique in terms of the gameplay and context. It is built in the Stone Age context and will definitely bring you the laugh for relaxing. BC Racers was designed by Rebellion (Derby) Ltd (Core Design) and released on SEGA in 1993. The appeal of this game is that it was designed in an image by Toby Gard – the creator of the character Lara Croft. In the game, the races began when the billionaire Millstone Rockafella held a motorcycle race. In which, the winner would receive the Ultimate Boulderdash Bike. In addition, people will not use cars. Instead, they will be mounted a sidecar, which allow gamers to use weapons. With fast racing and allowed to use weapons, BC Racers promises to bring a lot of fun to players.

Like other driving challenges, the game races are organized in four levels. Each will suit different driver’s ability (from amateur to professional). Four levels for you to experience are Easy, Medium, Hard and Rockhard. In particular, each level will bring eight different types of racing and 32 unique tracks in total. In addition to the diverse number of tracks, the game also offers eight different environment types in each level such as desert, jungle…

To complete a race, players need to pass four different races. Besides, you also need to achieve high ranking positions to continue to compete with more dangerous opponents. Along with the intelligent controls, players also have to perform a variety of offensive skills to prevent competitors from overtaking. In particular, each racing car will be designed with its own durability. When it get continuous attack, it will cause the car to be destroyed and out of the race. Note, competitors are also allowed to attack the player’s vehicle. Therefore, players must create a safe distance to avoid the unexpected attack from the enemy. You should choose the right time to approach and attack competitors.

Besides single-player mode and requires the player to have many control operations to complete the challenge, BC Racers also built with the two-player mode. Join this mode, one player will be tasked with driving and the second player is tasked to attack the other. It is very interesting.

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