[Sega Genesis] Langrisser 2

Langrisser 2
Full nameLangrisser 2
File size1G
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Following the success of the previous version, Nippon Computer System continues to release Langrisser II in its Langrisser game series. The game takes place from a land ruled by the gods. One day, the Leigald Empire passed by their area and abducted Riana. Leigald threatened to kill Riana if the people didn’t give them ancient treasures. At this point, the king Elwin decided a plan of going to the Leigald Empire and rescuing his friend. On the way, he met Hein – a young magician. They began their journey to complete the mission.

In the game, players will conquer 20 stages with increasing difficulty. They will control Elwin going through different regions, face the challenges thank to the help of Hein. Initially, Elwin will form his army with a maximum of 18 soldiers. The game retains the same gameplay as the previous version, in which each major stage consists of 4 small levels. Every soldier in Elwin’s army is equipped with spears. His first fight will be in a forest. By destroying all enemies, he will move to the next land safely. After every stage, gamers will receive bonuses and a piece of the map. The bonus will help him level up, upgrade his squad to increase stamina and strength. Besides, the map of the Leigald Empire will appear when Elwin has collected 10 map fragments.

In addition, the enemies that Elwin faced will be more and more aggressive and dangerous. To win the battles, he must reasonably arrange the team. Besides, Elwin has a short time before each match to observe the enemy and customize the squad. A high-level and well-organized squad helps him defeat all enemies quickly. After overcoming many difficulties, Elwin will be taken to the base of the Leigald Empire. This area contains many dangers such as mighty armies and traps. Elwin’s greatest difficulty is the battle between him and the king of the Leigald Empire. Many generals with Leigald’s strongest weapons are put in the squad for the battle. With his fighting experience, Elwin will change the squad to defeat the enemy. After the fall of the Leigald Empire, he will explore the base one more time to find Riana. The game ends when Riana and Elwin return to their respective countries safely.

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