[Sega Genesis] Revenge Of Shinobi, The (JUE) (REV 03)

Revenge Of Shinobi, The (JUE) (REV 03)
Full nameRevenge Of Shinobi, The (JUE) (REV 03)
File size350.2KB
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

The Revenge of Shinobi is a great game, which is the sequel to Shinobi (1987). It is the first version of the Shinobi series to be released on the Sega Genesis platform. Unlike the first version, this game only offers single-player mode, and it was released in Japan and North America in 1989, as well as released globally in 1990.

In The Revenge of Shinobi, the story began three years after the defeat of the Zeed organization. However, this organization has not been completely destroyed, and they have established a new criminal organization called Neo Zeed. For revenge, Neo Zeed went to the Oboro Ninja family to kill Joe Musashi. However, they did not meet Joe and decided to kidnap his fiancée. Besides, the patriarch of Oboro Ninja was killed. From the patriarch’s last words, Joe started tracking down the members of Neo Zeed to avenge for his lover.

During the game, players can control Joe Musashi to fight Neo Zeed. You will have to overcome eight different areas and fight Neo Zeed’s boss in the final match. Besides, each area will have three separate levels. The first two levels will give you the task of destroying enemies along the way, and overcoming dangerous traps. The third one will provide a match with the boss.

Joe’s basic weapons are shuriken. He uses them to throw at enemies. Along the way, Joe will have to move skillfully to avoid enemy attacks and complete the level. Also, Joe can move to the left or right of the screen to explore the other ways. Besides, he can bend over or somersault in the air. Especially, the acrobatic skill in the air also allows Joe to throw 8 shurikens at once. Note, the number of shurikens will be limited, and players must collect more shuriken along the way to use. Collecting shuriken is relatively simple. They will be inside wooden crates. Your job is to destroy them to collect items. In addition, the crate also has hidden health recovery items and a timer bomb. When you drop a bomb, you need to run away from the affected area to avoid damage from the explosion.

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