[Sega Genesis] Sonic The Hedgehog (JUE)

Sonic The Hedgehog (JUE)
Full nameSonic The Hedgehog (JUE)
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Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) is a great game, which was developed by Sonic Team and was released on the Sega Genesis platform on June 23, 1991. In the game, the main character is a blue hedgehog with the name Sonic. You have to control Sonic skillfully to overcome obstacles and collect emerald stones on the way.


The story of the game began with a scientist named Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who wanted to collect all six emerald stones on South Island for scientific research purposes. However, South Island has special animals, which possess skills and agile movement speed, making the scientist uncomfortable. Therefore, he locked them inside the robots and stole all six gems. From there, Sonic has to rescue the friends and regain six gems. At the end of the game, there are two scenarios for the player to enjoy. First, gamers would collect all six gems. This is a video of Sonic’s victory. The second, Sonic did not collect all six gems and had completed the game’s levels. A short video will appear with an image of Ivo Robotnik holding the gems and laughing at Sonic.

How to play

In addition, Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) is designed with many levels for players to conquer. Each of them has different terrains to challenge the player’s ability. When exploring a level, gamers have to overcome obstacles and collect the yellow rings on the way. Collecting more rings will help you achieve higher scores. In particular, collecting enough 100 cores will help you get a new life. At the beginning of the game, you will have three lives to use. In addition to avoiding obstacles or overcoming complex terrain, Sonic also has to fight robots. To destroy them, Sonic has to use a special skill called Spin Attack, which allows him to rotate his body in a circle and rush in the opponent.

Besides, the challenge system of this game has six normal areas and one special. Each area contains three levels. At the third level of an area, you will have to fight Ivo Robotnik. Each match with Ivo Robotnik will take place in a separate context. He will use many fighting skills at each level to defeat you. Therefore, you have to try your best to learn how to defeat him for winning the final.

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