[Sega Genesis] Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition

Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition
Full nameStreet Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition
File size1.4MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition is a great game, which was released by Capcom on Arcade on March 18, 1992. Besides, there is a version dedicated to the Sega Genesis platform. It was available for three regions, in Japan on September 28, 1993, in North America on September 27, 1993, and in Europe on October 29, 1993. Also, the Sega version has a new name: Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition.


In this version, gamers have the opportunity to explore all 12 characters. In it, there are eight basic characters from the old version, and four Grand Master will appear in this version. These four characters are M. Bison, Vega, Sagat and Balrog. In addition, a new upgrade point of this game is the combat system technology of the eight old characters. They have been modified that allows them to fight fairly with the Grand Master. In the old version, the Grand Master has better Technical indexes. Besides, a match still takes place in 99 seconds. However, players have the right to customize the time in the Time Limit. At the Option section, gamers can turn it on or off.

Game mode

In addition, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition provides you with two game modes, Hyper and Champion. In Champion mode, players will enjoy three different parts, namely Game Start, V.S. Battle and Group Battle. In the first stage, players will participate in fighting COM. You will have to choose one of 12 characters to use and fight the remaining 11 characters. Besides, you also have to fight with your character’s clone version. From there, your opponents will be 12, and four Grand Masters will appear in the last four matches. Next, V.S. Battle is a multiplayer battle mode. Instead of competing with COM, you have the opportunity to fight with another player to show your skillful control. Finally, Group Battle will provide team battle challenges.

Unlike Champion games that have usual game pacing, Hyper will provide faster and more complex matches. In this mode, the characters have faster reflexes, and it requires the player to have quick control operations. Note, reflexes and slow control operation will prevent you from activating the combo. From there, COM or other players (with better control skills) can easily beat you.

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