[Sega Genesis] Streets Of Rage 2

Streets Of Rage 2
Full nameStreets Of Rage 2
File size1.0MB
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Following the events in the first version, Streets of Rage 2 was released to satisfy the fans of this interesting game series. The storyline of this second version took place a year later as in the first version. To congratulate on the glory of defeating The Syndicate and Mr. X, the three main characters of the game, Blaze Fielding, Adam Hunter and Axel Stone, meet at a famous nightclub. Here, they had been drinking and chatting with each other, sharing interesting moments about fighting street criminals last year. After defeating The Syndicate, Blaze and Axel left the city to find a more peaceful life. In it, Blaze became a ballet dancer, and Axel was a part-time bodyguard. Only Adam lives his younger brother, Eddie “Skate” Hunter, in the city. He joined the police force.

After the party, everyone returned to normal life. However, an incident occurred, Blaze received an emergency call from Skate the next day. Returning home after finishing school, Skate saw that the house the two cousins ​​lived in was burnt. There was a picture on the door of the house, in which Mr. X and Adam were being chained to a wall. Following the abduction of Adam, street crime gangs had returned and became stronger. The raids and purges between mafia gangs took place often during the day. Since then, the lives of people in the city were no longer safe. The city has completely lost control. Crime groups with violations occurred every day. No one could stop this chaos. Based on the ongoing bad events, Blaze and Axel decided to search for Mr. X’s base to rescue Adam. Also, they are determined to defeat this criminal boss again.

In addition to using Blaze and Axel, Streets of Rage 2 also brings two new characters, including Skate Hunter (Adam’s younger brother with super-fast movement ability). The second character is Max Thunder. He is a senior wrestler who possesses a muscular physique, but a little bit slow. When participating in combat, players will have to move continuously to fight with the enemy, pick up weapons and support items to restore health.

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