[Sega Genesis] Streets Of Rage 3

Streets Of Rage 3
Full nameStreets Of Rage 3
File size1.5MB
Region Europe Europe
Console Sega Genesis (Download Emulator)

Streets of Rage 3 was released on Sega Genesis in Japan in March 1994 and available for global use from June 1994. Compared to the previous two versions of the Streets of Rage series, this version is built with a more complex storyline and missions. Besides, the game’s character system has changed. In which Max from the second version will be replaced with a new character, Doctor Zan. He can pick up weapons on the way and transform them into balls that need the energy to throw at enemies.

After The Syndicate was defeated in the second part of the game series, Mr. X decided to build a new organization. It was a robot research and production company, called RoboCy Corporation. Its purpose is involved in the plot to build a mighty robot army to rule the city. Besides, he had another plan to control the city. Mr. X will use different robots to replace the government officers for managing the whole city. To accomplish this evil plan, Doctor Dahm designed the robots, and The Syndicate had to place bombs around the city to distract the police. Since then, Mr. X can easily exchange the human with his robots. Accompanying Doctor Dahm in making robots is Doctor Zan. Due to disagree with Mr. X’s evil plans, Zan sought to communicate and exchange information to Blaze Fielding. Afterward, Blaze reported to Adam and called for help from Axel. However, Adam was unable to support his friends because his unit moved to another area. At this point, Skate Hunter replaced his brother to help Blaze.

Coming to Streets of Rage 3, you still play on the horizontal screen. Besides, you can use four characters, including Skate, Axel, Zan and Blaze. Each character will have separate specifications: Jump, Reach, Power and Technique. In addition to using the four available characters, the game also allows you to use some new characters after completing the requirements. You have to unlock some characters such as Shiva, Boo and Ash (only available in the Japanese version).

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